The Society is the proud owner of the model railway layout “Lydham Heath” created by Barry Norman, which accurately depicts in S scale the station at Lydham Heath.

Until the end of September it is on display in the museum in School Lane, Bishop`s Castle, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays subject to volunteer stewards being available.

Please check that the museum is open before you travel by contacting

John Rimmer:   01588 638998

Arrangements can be made for private viewings by interested groups.


Roger Dalton has produced a plan of the weighbridge office in OO scale suitable for anyone modelling Bishop`s Castle Station.

Download here weighbridge 00 gauge0001


Albyn Austin has sent in photographs of his excellent model of Bishop`s Castle Station, showing rarely seen images of the right hand side and the back.


Nick Richardson a modeller from Portsmouth has sent in his interpretations of the BCR locos.


Albyn Austin tells us that Worsley Works have produced BCR ex LSWR Coach

Allen Doherty has kindly produced a coach etch for the BCR ex-LSWR six wheeler.  Etch contains sides, ends, roof, floor, W irons, droplights and louvres for above the doors.  You need to find ventilators, gas lamps, door handles and grab irons, buffers, wheels axleboxes etc, but it is a great help.  My kit is 4mm but I think he could produce it in any scale if asked.  £37-50 including postage.  Cheques to Allen Doherty, Worsley Works, 19 Douglas Road, Worsley, M28 2SR



Albyn Austin`s OO gauge model of Bishop`s Castle Station

I have a OO gauge model of Bishop’s Castle under construction.  Track laid – but needs a point sorted out.  6 ft long plus a 4 ft fiddle yard.  Progress glacial in recent times due to other things getting in the way.  I have a SECR all third that is a pretty close replica of the ex H&B coach, in brown teak colour as it would have appeared if the overhaul had been completed.  Also two old LNWR coaches that are nearly finished, a part built B&M coach, bits for an LSWR 6 wheeler, a nearly completed Carlisle, a No. 1 Tankie, a couple of vans, 4 cattle wagons that need lettering – transfers acquired, half built crane wagon and low sided wagon.  A van body for the coal yard, plus some sheds that need painting.  Lots of bits for other things. A kit for the Goods Shed, and plans and bits for station building.  Lot more to do!